Are You my Friend



I need to know you are my true friends.

You are by my side until the end or not.

I can tell you my secrets deep

And their faith in your heart will stay or not.

We did not come from us without our flaws.

You can accept me as I want?

A shoulder to cry if your blue.

You have if I need you or not.

I'm not so busy that you do not have time to make.

If you are doing your will for me?

I take your hands and your eyes water, your facilities.

You'll hug me and ease my fear of how

I will be very happy and warm smile be.

Can we share a greater distance?

I will never forget what is important to you.

You will remember what is important to me or not.

With your favorite things, I want to share.

If only I knew what really interests you?

If you can accept me as I got you.

I know you are true best friends.

by: Abhianv

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