Backup Blog Template


Template for a blog can be viewed as the backbone of a blog as a template to store all information related to the appearance of your blog, blog functions as well as many tricks to be done in a blog template (edit HTML).

Either you want to put background, change the color, even put the 'read more' or anything, most are in the template.
Therefore, it is necessary to be a backup first blogger blog template before making any alterations or before changing the new template.
The purpose of the template is to backup the backup if any changes to the code are not to be applied and not suits well for your blog.

Guide to backup template for blogger is as follows.

1) Login as usual. Then click the design button at the dashboard

2) From the design, clicks edit HTML and a little below you'll see you “download full template” 

3) Check out the display, click the SAVE button.. Done.:)

Tip: You can rename the template that you downloaded to chronicle your download. Like 20 June 2011.xml. This is to facilitate you identified the chronicle you create backups to your blog template. :)

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