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Hello guys, do you know what the most expensive hobbies for RC lovers? If someone would ask me a questions like that, I will certainly give a simple answer - RC Turbine Engine. Do you know why? Let's check it out!!

The principle of how model turbine engines work or any turbine engine is very simple. They suck in a lots of air then compress it with high pressure. After that, add fuel to the compressed air, and then ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture. Seeing that the air is so highly compressed, more fuel per volume of air ratios are possible.

When more fuel is added, the more heat and gas expansion generated causing the turbines spin quicker, then vacuum and compressing air even more. The final result is lots of hot compressed expanding air to extend at the back of the engine – THRUST! (This is why turbine engines are so powerful).

Turbine powered RC jets are not for the newcomer. They are only for pilots who have accumulated a lot of flying experience with ducted fan jets.

Although it is a very expensive segment of the RC hobby, turbine RC jets increasingly popular due to their sounds and smells so much like the real thing.

FYI, turbine RC jets can approach speeds of 300+ miles/h @ 483+ km/h (more quicker than Bugatti Veyron) and they can get up to altitude very quickly - nearly half speed of sound!!
Let's see what I mean for:
Radio controlled jet powered by a Jetcat P160 SE. On the 23rd of May, this Jet has been lasered @ 586 KpH Which makes it a 366 MpH plane...

*The jet itself is being powered by a Jetcat P160 SE turbine engine, and this thing really moves. Its crazy to see how fast it takes off on the rail once the guy releases it, and then its gone from sight. Its hard to tell how fast it is traveling, but I would estimate a couple hundred miles per hour.

Turbine RC jets also require precautions that are not normally associated with ducted fan RC jets. They use the real jet fuel and the engine can get very hot like the actual jet engine. It has been a major touch of realism to the RC jet, and the units produced commercially for use in radio control are now widely available and becoming more common.

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  1. rc jets says:

    I seen your post its cover most of information about turbine RC jets. I also see your video about Jetcat P160 SE turbine engine. It’s really great and useful post for professional automobile engineers and students.

  2. helen says:

    rc jet fly are usually categorised by the size of the fan unit. We have a full range of radio controlled jets from ones with 55mm fans up to 70mm and even some with twin fans. Some of the radio controlled jets also have some unique features such as a working landing gear, folding wings and vectored thrust where the angle of the fans change as the jet turns making it extremely agile.

  3. Brett Lee says:

    Radio jets with different size fan unit. The larger your Fan unit is the faster you go jet are also the more expensive model. The bigger the rc jet the bigger the battery and engine and also a feature where you can pull the swing inwards so that it can go faster.

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