Awana Diab Penalty Kick: Craziest Penalty Ever!


United Arab Emirates player Awana Diab interweb talks after taking superb penalty kick in their friendly 6-2 the defeat of Lebanon yesterday.

With 10 minutes left to play, UAE were given a penalty and Awana Diab step up to take the penalty. In an effort to make things interesting, he does not comply with the standards of penalty kicks and decided to attempt an absolutely ridiculous penalty.

The No 13 player setup seemed like any other penalty, but as he towards for the ball, he stopped, spun 180 degrees and backheeled towards goal. As the ball rolled into the net, the Lebanon goalkeeper could only watch and do nothing. As a result, the UAE manager didn't like the kick and immediately substituted Diab out of the match.

Watch the video:

5 Responses so far.

  1. ahah... 1st time tgk org wat penalty cmni.... :D

  2. tu la pasal..pelik dr yg lain..
    die wat peraturan sendiri.. :D

  3. herumi says:

    Penalty still macam biasa iaitu sepakan percuma tanpa halangan 12 kaki dari pintu gol, terpulang kepada pemain bagaimana sepakan itu diambil. Keeper tu terpinga tengok sepakan tersebut.

  4. an insult to the visitors

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