Tips for Students to Resist Stress


All students from the kindergarten level to cycle very stressful experiences. "Stress" word is represented by the thought that faced by individuals when they are forced to act, adapt or change their behavior around. Stress is the way your body reacts to all types of demanding conditions. It is caused by both good and bad examples. Stress is considered healthy and a source of motivation. However, when it becomes excessive, it can be harmful, and dangerous to students’ happiness, health, development, and personal relationships.

The causes of stress among students
School children will experiences stress due to pressure of bullies, friends, does not match with the student-teachers, friends in different classes, too many scheduled extra-curricular activities, lack of sleep, improper diet and inadequate preparation before the examination.

It is often said that as students get promoted to a higher level, increasing stress levels too. Stress experienced by students is often increased when they went to the college leaving their parents. They suffered when they were left alone in the world that is so big and they need to find their identity. At the college level, the pressure of the main reasons identified for examination, time management techniques are not appropriate, peer pressure, parents’ pressure and others.

Ways to manage stress
Stress can be managed by different techniques. Some of them are as follows:
  1. Students should determine the learning style that is the most suitable for him or her. Some prefer visual while some students are kinesthetic or auditory learners. Knowing what kind of learner you are and creating a tailor made study program will help the students battle with stress. 
  2. Students should also adopt stress-busting techniques like visualization, deep breathing, meditation, imagery, muscle relaxation and yoga. Moreover, the student should be optimistic which will help them to be healthier and less stressed. 
  3. Students should also be taught how to manage their money wisely by making proper budgets. This will reduce their stress levels as most of the students undergo stress due to financial problems. Most of the students end up indulging in over-spending. 
  4. Students should learn the art of time management. This can be done by preparing a schedule to study and following it. The entire portion should be broken up into smaller parts. 
  5. Students should create a healthy atmosphere to study. Study habits of students differ from one another. Some students prefer complete silence and tranquility to study while others need music to concentrate better. Each student should diagnose the technique that is best for him/her. 
  6. The students should organize their notes and keep a track of assignments and papers. This will help to reduce exam-related stress as before the exams; they will have all the material ready with them.
  7. In the end, students should ensure that they are taking proper care of their health by eating proper meals, doing exercises and getting the required amount of sleep. It is recommended that students should sleep for at least 7 hours for their brain and body to function properly.
Students need to follow these techniques to ensure a healthy life without any pressure, even if they study abroad.

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  1. why don't you say adopt a would be nice and can release stress more faster.. (^_^) just joking~~

  2. cik bulan says:

    i dunno how many public speaking i have done with this topic..favorite topic woh..haha..but..seriously, stress is uncontrollable in my pity, miserable life..muahahaha..=.=''

  3. stress can be controllable...each stresses have it own solution whether you can apply it or not..(^_^)V.

  4. cik bulan says:

    then..stop giving me assignment..hahahahahahaha

  5. Stress can be very troublesome. Whether it's from school work or peer pressure, it can lead to some pretty troublesome situations if one is not careful. It can be hard to deal with it, but it's not something that you can easily ignore either. Indeed, it pays to organize to help reduce the pressure of things to be done.

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