Why PageRank is Not Important?


A detailed video explanation about some of the misunderstandins related to Google PageRank has been discussed by Matt Cutts from Google Webmaster Help. As more and more consumers  turns into the content, quality of content is dropping down at large scale because most people today discuss SEO tips without any authority. It is very important to practice SEO tips from the web site that provides resources available to claim. Over the past few years, Google censor websites are trusted by the PageRank algorithm and give more importance to them and thus sending them more traffic. The PageRank has opened up a large network of Link building SEO companies and services. Almost everywhere a new bloggers today are giving more importance to PageRank and fresh quality the content.

Is PageRank important?

Yes it is important but not more than your content. You can receive thousands of visitors per day with PR0. I have friends in my networks who are full-time bloggers and earning hell lots of money without having to worry about rankings such as PR and Alexa at all. Because their power tool is to post frequently. The more you post the content, the more you receive a good traffic. If you are destroying your precious hours in looking for backlinks or exchange links and not posting consistently then you are close to nothing.

PageRank and Alexa are important only when you have quality content and Traffic. Amazingly both your traffic and Content are independent of solely Rankings but depend a lot on what you write and publish. Advertisers look for three things when they buy an ad spot:
1. Traffic
2. Alexa
3. PageRank
But Google AdSense looks for just one thing and that is Traffic.

Unless you have quality content both your PR and Alexa are useless. Because only with quality content you get lifetime quality organic Traffic. There are many blogs and websites with PageRank 6.0 in Buysellads directory yet they are not even earning a penny because they spent there great skills on ranking alone and under-estimated the value of good posts, content and shares and as a result ended their careers with hopelessness. My short personal experience says that if there anything that matters more is Traffic. Writing on things that attract people is what I call Blogging.

Here is a video by the Google software engineer Matt Cutts, where he answered questions about why Google Toolbar PageRank values ​​are not updated more frequently? In the same video, you will find the answer in which he confirmed that the content is more important than PageRank.

Content is more Important than PageRank - Matt Cutts

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  1. reezluv says:

    yes..Content Is Still A King..Uncle G's like quality and frequently updated content :D

  2. tetibe ada reezluv ahahahaa

  3. mirul says:

    pagerank comes after making good content, not the other way around.

  4. @reezluv
    Yes..and only good content will attract the visitors. Some of the google robot cannot crawl it to the search engine due to duplicate content.

    @neyra shazeyra
    memain plak die.. :)


  5. sometimes that is not important and we ignore will become very important and meaningful.

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