How Does A Model Jet Turbine Works?


Model jet engine design may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they all operate on the same principle. Today the most common type is a centrifugal turbine, compared to the long axial flow turbine.

A centrifugal turbine differs mainly in the compression - the air enters the turbine is thrown outwards as it passes over the spinning impeller.The air hits against the inside of the can and thus was very compressed, before passes over the combustion chamber. This increases the compression of air temperature, as well as the pressure.

The fuel, which is nearly always kerosene ("Jet A1"), entered into the combustion chamber as a fine spray, and mix with the air until now very easily compressed.This mixture of air / fuel, then ignited by a small spark glow plug, similar to those found in the engine 2 or 4 stroke model airplane.

As a mixture of air / fuel ignites and exploded in the chambers, it is forced rearwards towards the turbines. The turbines accelerate the velocity of the passing gases, and increase the pressure of it. Gas (exhaust) finally squeezed through the constriction at the back of the jet pipe of the same engine, leaving at high speed and pressure, thereby generating the high levels of thrust.

The turbines is connected to the front impeller through the main shaft, so that they power the impeller as they spin.

Drawing below shows the basic principle of centrifugal flow model jet engine:

Most of the model jet engine that use an electric motor to initially power-up the turbine. Only when the compressor has reached its required revolution per minute (RPM), fuel can be introduced into the chamber and the engine can operate normally.

More applications of model jet engine will coming up soon!

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